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Yeehaw – weekends are great

No new drama in my life (I’ve made it almost a week now, I’m heading for a record). Life is swell in Cologne, come visit, we’ll have a beer. Saturday TC and I went out with a gaggle of new people, bunch of gay guys and women who obviously like gay guys (seems to be a lot of those) to a straight bar and club. Cologne on any night is pretty mixed. So god help me, I’m amongst straight people, how do they live like that.

How many friends do you need to be happy? Here we are in a new city, don’t know anyone, zero, nada. So we met this guy at a gay bar, mid-30’s, bit of a queen, but he was eager to get email/telephone contact and he followed up, now we’re meeting a bigger circle. TC is off tonight with one of the girls to go to yoga (I know this is so queer, but he’s my queer). Put yourself out there, spin it up and in no time, you’ll have more social events than you have time for.

One of the woman, a mother of two small children, seemed fascinated with me, she asked if I was bi-sexual. Well, I guess I am, married with 2 kids, but living with a brown puppy. She had the classic, “I’m so tired of being a mommy” look. What she needed was a really good shag in my opinion. Which relates back to moms don’t always want to be seen as a mom. She was also quite intrigued by our age difference, “how do you two deal with each other?” Deal? I’m not sure we “deal” with each other (tolerate perhaps), we’re just together.

Throughout the night, she was cozy with me. Not sure whether I was theoretically safe or there was some strange sexual attraction towards me or what. I’m still armed and dangerous to all sexes you know, best to stay back 10 meters.

May we all live in interesting times seems to sum it up. Thought to be a curse, it has obvious meaning in my life. It’s up and down, but it’s always interesting. Hope you living in interesting times as well.


  1. Chris, you are the most oversexed guy I know of – seriously, how do you do it??!!! 😛

  2. I’m so sorry about that queeny gay guy being your only apparent social contact in Cologne, but at least he/she is introducing you around. Hopefully you and the cub will meet someone who is gay bit not queeny. I know how important that can be. I do agree with you about TC’s yoga classes; they are more than a bit queeny, but at least he is having fun and you love him for it. Most of all, I’m so glad you and the cub are having such a great time. Sounds like things are right on track (or is it tract? I’m never sure about the spelling on this one). He is such a great and intelligent guy; you have a lot to learn from this special little cub. God, fate, what have you, put him in your path for a reason. Someone as enormously captivating as he is only comes aroudn once in a lifetime. I hope you realize (in fact, I know you do) how very very special he is. He is good for the soul, and that’s what matters.

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