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I’m in New Zealand. ¬†The earthquake has made one of the data centers unstable. No one can enter the building, yet the equipment is still in there humming away. We’re selling them all new equipment for a whole new building. Hey, I take whatever I can get.

Sydney is starting to get a little chilly and I’ve accepted a 90-day posting in Hong Kong. Scrappy is packing up, growling about me and Asians, but is generally excited. I’m a bit more¬†apprehensive, Hong Kong is Asian, I’m talking real Asian, heart of Asian, Asians everywhere. Australia is Australia, it ain’t Asia. I’m also gonna be on the road more and hope Scrappy is happy.

If there is a tone to my writing it is finally some level of peace. Scrappy rides along in his basket, barking at the world and we have a good time, never a boring moment. I hesitate to think what my life would be like without him, embroiled in the gay world, guys overclocked on all senses, searching for ships at sea, constantly wondering whether I was doing the right thing, dabbling in things I shouldn’t be dabbling in.

Like some heat seeking missile, I launched myself into this new world looking for something, scanning, adjusting my course, trying to alter my own behaviour. I was looking for the NEW me, I had to be someplace and after years now of searching, I think I found it. I was looking all over for my car keys and yes there they were, right were I left them.

I have written about my impressions about the homo world. Not every gay guy lives in it, some pass thru as I have done, others orbit in periodically and there are those for which the circus never leaves town. You decide where you happiest, the rules are yours to make.

If you look closely, I am reverting to much the same life I had before. Scrappy is in charge of social stuff and I’m just as content not to have much social activities but gladly will tag along. I stay busy with business figuring out new ways to shovel cash into my treasure chest. A nice meal, a bottle of wine (cheap works too), a soft bed and periodic growl from within the covers and I’ m good. You be good too.


  1. Wharton Sinkler

    June 9, 2011 at 8:45 am

    I am impressed with this entry. It feels like you have really understood that the rules for your life are yours to make — a fact few guys really own — and that you are finally comfortable with those rules of yours. Congratulations on fitting into your own skin!

  2. Enjoy HK. It will be different but that can also be good. Hope to see you around Europe or USA in a few months!

  3. Nothing wrong with reverting to your past life with your 20+ year younger partner. That’s what I’ve been doing the the last year and a half.

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