TC alternates between long showers and sex. Which would be fine, except the sex generally involves me too. Like a 24 yo baby, he needs to be fed several times a day. Arriving in Toronto, I gave an Oscar award winning performance, but in the course of the weekend my performance varied. I proudly managed to land the plane each time without killing any passengers, but let's just say a couple of the final approaches were a bit bumpy. Are you people following all this?

TC is quite understanding. I decide during sex to do my most serious thinking. Not a good combo. I'm stressed about my living situation, work, financial, how much I missed TC, will miss him, want us back together and I like to factor in world peace (just to show my softer side). Not helping was one afternoon having MSNBC going in the background and me calculating I'm getting a $40,000 blow job (I'm romantic aren't I). Where is the spice? Not far away I soon found.

One night after parking my walker outside, TC introduced me as "his old man" to a group of his friends. Nice huh? Later back at the hotel, I brought up the whole "Daddy and his boy" element. Well one thing lead to another (as my stories tend) and an entire role play theme wandered out. It was hot. Daddy knows how to take care of his boy, it turns out.

Afterward, TC and I laid there, "that was soooo wrong", we both said, too close for comfort. We can't tell anyone. So you keep it a secret too.

On another night, Tiger Cub got some wild hair and decided to try and wrestle me down. My 185 lbs against his 135 (138 when fully loaded with ketchup chips) isn't much of a match. I simply picked him up and tossed him against the hotel room wall. Well that lead to us tumbling around the room banging into things until my cub went down in a blaze of glory. Getting some ice, I returned as the couple in the next room emerged and gave me one of the dirtiest looks possible. Yeah – guilty as charged.

Time wears a path in all relationships, but I hope for all us that our relations have elements of surprise, understanding and compassion forever. Put a fresh coat of paint on tonight.