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I have temporarily removed two postings (for you astute readers) for personal reasons. I'll re-post them next week. They need a little distance.

Well my bout with crabs is over, TC is sulking, the number of his daily phone calls have decreased (to a mere 1 now) and the energy of our phone conversations is down as well. He's upset about this crabs incident. I suspect his best girl friend is egging him on that I've cheated on him. He asked today if I really want him to return to Germany.

Image293 I've been trying to be supportive but after today's phone call decided it was time for a different tactic. I wrote a blistering email to him asking him to consider "why" if I cheated on him would I bother to tell him about the crabs? Wouldn't I just get them cured and be as quiet about it as possible. I have nothing to hide and I wanted to be honest with him.

I then turned the tables and asked him to consider my position, namely, "What the f*ck have you been doing, puppy?". This case of crabs didn't come from heaven. I was on a roll now. I went on how I'd gone for HIV testing to assure him and happily answered his numerous bed check telephone calls, noting that because of his living situation "I can't call you whenever I please to check up on you".

I concluded that perhaps we may never know with 100% certainty what happened, but that I was going to just power thru this with my love for him. "Pack your brown ass up and get on the damn plane to Germany because I'll be waiting at the end of the gangway. Take your scrawny self home and screw you senseless."

If he's going to act like a women, I'm gonna treat him like one.

A few hours later, he sheepishly calls. "I'm just calling to say Hi!". He's all sweet. Did you get my email? "Yeah, I'm just calling to say Hi, I'll see you next week, OK."


  1. Offensive. Sorry, I don’t always understand your writing. “If he’s going to act like a woman, I’m going to treat him as one” What the “F” does that mean? Offensive, all around, for men, for women, for gay men. Hmm. Sorry. Sometimes honesty from your readers helps you (I hope). If not, just ignore this post. Thanks for your honesty though; I do like your posts usually.

  2. For safety reasons, please make Mr. Cub get an HIV, STD test in Germany. Atleast make sure this kid is free of anything that can leave you with something more serious than crabs!

  3. It wopuld appear that your email did the trick. No advise here…..just keep on blogging.

  4. Yeah I agree with Don – your blog is usually great … but the bit about treating him as a woman is demeaning and offensive.
    Treat it as a wake-up call from 2 of your readers.

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