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Email’d my wife upon arrival in Europe, her painful reply in full text below

Sorry you’re having a hard time. Very cold here – we are supposed to get one to three inches tomorrow. Am feeling like shit, if it helps – we had a great dinner Friday night, and a good time, and you were getting ready to leave for a long time, and we didn’t make love. I get it. Constant rejection in my face!!

You claim you don’t know what you want. Let me make it easy on you, you know what you DON’T want. A woman, next to you, with a woman’s body and womanly needs. Am seething so badly I didn’t sleep more than three hours last night. Used your computer (as you said it was o.k.) to secretly order some gifts for the kids, typein “ma…” for, first things that come up are “male models” – you honestly believe you don’t know what you want?? I don’t need anybody dropping off their dirty laundry playing their sick little games with me. And games you play galore, from demonstratively taking your own office trash out (Lord knows what could be in there…) to disappearing in the car claiming you had to “run errands” when all you did was install a new GPS.

You’ve done¬† enough, I’m face down in the dirt. Hope you’re enjoying to witness my destruction.

Background: (1) She found something in my office trash once, so now I empty my own trash.  (2) I disappeared to take a call from TC and her ESP picked this up immediately


  1. Yikes. You are busted!!!

  2. Chris, just my 2 cents worth – it’s terrible to see someone in such pain. I think, for her sake, make a quick decision to stop dragging on her pain. Give her some closure so she could start the healing process. Dragging things on is not fair to either one of you in my view. Good luck, mate.

  3. Chris,
    I think you always knew that this email was going to come. Of course she’s in pain and she’s angry. She had a wonderful life now she doesn’t.
    If you are careful how you handle it this will blow over. You both have expressed an interest in making sure the boys feel secure and loved.
    I suspect that moving out is probably the next move, but then again this is a decision for you and her to make.
    My wife is moving into a rented house today. I was over earlier helping her direct the moving guys. Going from a 5,000 square foot house to at 3,000 square foot house isn’t easy, but at least she now knows she seriously needs to downsize. Things are pretty good with us now. I hope the same for you.

  4. do you have a spare room? i do not see how this is going to work the way it is.

  5. Daaamn… rough stuff. She’s so good at picking up on all your activities, that she to some degree saves you some explaining time. Doesn’t seem like much is left to tell that would surprise her.

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