In October 2009 (I’m talking over a year ago), Prof. Tim was visiting me in DC and out we went for the night. Big white farm boy that he is, some tiny Central American brown toy thought he was gonna try husking Prof. Tim’s cornstalk. It was a pretty sight and as the night was ending, Prof. Tim did the customary gay thing and gave the brown guy his telephone number, kinda of the reverse, “don’t call us, we’ll call you” (can’t figure it out). The guy’s name is Johnny and I simply coded named him “Snaggle Tooth” (you can guess why).

We weren’t in the cab 5 blocks from the bar, when Snaggle Tooth started texting Prof. Tim. Tim ignored it. The next day, good ole Snaggle is still texting. Tim is still ignoring. Back to Chicago, Prof. Tim goes and damn is Snaggle Tooth doesn’t call him (he answers then hangs up on the poor guy). I played the gay card as well and gave Snaggle my telephone as well. Snaggle calls me about 2 months later,  I take all calls, at my age, you can’t be too picky.

Two weeks ago (now December 2010), Snaggle Tooth reaches out to Prof. Tim who wisely ignores the calls, but immediately calls me to tell me that Snaggle ain’t giving up. Well two nights ago, Snaggle calls me and I answer the strange call.

He talks for 15 minutes about his life. He’s living out way way in the burbs of Washington, DC (I’m talking near the damn mountains). He goes on and on about Prof. Tim. He like’em them big white boys. I tried to council him that perhaps Prof. Tim wasn’t a good target, seeing as how he’s 700 miles away and hasn’t show the classic signs of being interested.

I’m not sure why Johnny called me, he’s not chasing me. Prof. Tim thinks he’s some sort of weirdo. But being half weirdo myself, I kinda of understand the guy. He’s Latin, probably lives with his family, out far from any homoville, closeted beyond belief, and he’s playing the only game he can. Maybe he’s on various online hook-up sites. He’s got no role models to follow, he’s simply doing the best he can.

Johnny is a lonely young guy, alone with his thoughts. He gets some credit for not giving up, but he loses credit for continuing to play the same game with the same results. I wonder how many young guys are out in the world having to play this same game. It’s not a pretty picture. I hope they can find they’re way, but it’s too late.