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Who needs whom

It’s after 1 a.m. in London, my mobile in the US is ringing, it’s dinner time for me, Tiger cub is calling. I disappear from the elegantly set dinner table and duck into a side room.

TC has just gotten home from working two bar shifts, he sounds totally exhausted and for some reason the lights in the flat are all off. He needs help. I’m navigating him around the circuit breaker panel, sparks jump out as he flips one of the switches and it snaps back at him. He’s a tad nervous, a little girlie. 10 minutes later all is OK, one of the halogen lights had blown up taking a breaker with it. Problem solved. I bid him good-night.

Returning to the table, I opt for honesty and tell my wife what the call was about. I denote that TC is not yet ready for a serious relationship but provides nice company for me in the interim.

She, interestingly, has a different prospective. “He needs you”, she offers. What? Yeah, he needs me to get the lights back on, I got that. “No, it’s quite sweet, he calls because he needs you.” OK – needs me to help him, how the hell is that sweet. “He’s thinking right now, wow, I’m glad I found Chris, he took care of a problem for me, I’d of never figured this out by myself, I’m happy he’s there”. It’s really quite sweet.

I’m not getting the whole woman side of this dilemma. Perhaps I’m too practical. Or perhaps my wife is eager for me to find another relationship. Either way, fixing a burnt out light doesn’t seem to me to be indicative of anything other than darkness versus light.

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  1. Well Chris you’ve always sorta wanted TC to “need” you….and for that need on his part to grow into daily longing….and develope into a relationship…..will that ever happen…..doubtful but some things are worth a risk.

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