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Where I’m going? How about to the grocer

With TC up in NYC for the weekend, I invited my two boys to spend a night at my new place. My wife in dropping them off, comes in to inspect the apartment as well. Like cats in a new home, they sniff about, my wife ooohing about the kitchen (pretty nice). They ignore that Chris has his stuff scattered throughout the apartment. Acceptance will come later.

The kids busy themselves with the Xbox on the large screen TV. A short while later, we’re walking over to the grocery store and catch up with a group ahead who turns out to be none other than Eduardo, his brother and friend. We exchange some pleasantries. The world is just too small. My kids smell this is someone I’m not supposed to know and quickly accelerate ahead. They want no part of this. Nor do they ask.

Later that night, I’m telling TC about this random encounter. He immediately starts hissing and growling. Ha, so predictable.

The flat is quiet today as I work along, happy TC is heading home tonight. I’m glad he’s here just period. I’m not sure how I would start-over. While one might say TC is hanging on to me, the reality is I’m hanging on to him just as tightly.

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  1. Awe, that’s lovely.
    Antony x

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