TC’s 120 lbs of toasty self is curled all around me sound sleep. We’ve been doing a lot of talking. Talking primarily about how bad I am. But in the midst of this the LOVE word comes up. It brings a different tone to our discussions. Tiger Cub slowly revealing how he really is feeling about me and us. He’s young, it’s all new to him, the discussion is difficult, his words strained.

But here I am in the bed, it’s early morning, and the brown lump is next to me, hidden by a moppet of hair, snoring away. I’m dozing myself and look down and realize we’ve been holding hands all night. I move my hand away and then push it back toward’s him. He instinctively grasps my hand, even though sound asleep. Isn’t that sweet??? Just gag me with spoon.

Despite the odd couple that we clearly make, it’s this part of our relationship that I enjoy the most. I had this with my wife. Dead asleep, she knew I was there and it instilled a certain peace on both of us. It’s that peace that I’m looking for now. The peace from knowing someone has your back, no matter what you do, they will still care and that no matter what happens, they will still be there. It’s a peace one could never get tired of and that would see me thru the day when age has finally caught up with me, run though I try.

So now you understand, I have part of that peace with Chris and it’s part of the reason I cling to him today.