Sometime ago I adopted an “Office Space” (the movie) attitude and simply stopped going to any meeting that could start without. It’s been a great and efficient time saver and makes my decisions all that much easier. A bunch of corporate minions sitting in a conference room staring at Powerpoint charts looking at each other doesn’t sound like much fun. Instead I went for an ice cream and sat outside oogling University boys, both were quite tasty (ice cream and boys – is there a better combo?).

I recognize that I’ve tolerated a bunch of wacko gay guys, but today I think I’m more likely to slice and dice them into a fruit cocktail. TC counciled me that I need to treat all gay guys like women. “We’re all insecure inside and gentle touch is best”. Ah whatev. Sounds like too much like work. What next? A course on arranging flowers?

Reality though, I struggle with such surly & acidic behaviour in my personal life with someone I care about. I’m a total push over. I read other blogs and people are always concerned they’re over hanging in their relationship with someone. But trying to force an unnatural pairing usually has a very natural and ugly response. I’m usually the slobbery emotional one in the end.

I’d have to guess anyone newly separated from a long term relationship is left wondering, where & when will this begin again? An just as suddenly it does and the previous pain is quickly forgotten. The TC story is particularly difficult, but it isn’t all played out yet, there may be 100 more chapters or only 1 more. But if I stop reading now, I won’t find out. So I claw at the walls and wait with patience, something I always short of.

Stay tuned the drama will no doubt continue momentarily.