As I wind this blog down, thought it would be interesting to note what’s happened with each of my love interests (only those I’ve written about & in order of appearance & to the extent I know). So …

Ramez (31 – Mexico City) – after knowing him for 8 years & showering with gifts, Ramez won’t respond to emails, on my last call, we conveniently got disconnected and he didn’t pick-up when I called back. He’s going to be 31 next week. I wasn’t a hard friend to keep. He worked hard to destroy it. Not too smart.

Ramez Friend (37  Mexico City) – is poorer than a church mouse, no real job, he IM’s me all the time, I generally respond, but chat only for a few minutes, he wants money from me. I suspect he works a lot of guys trading sexual favors for cash. He’s not a rent boy, but you haven’t seen poor until you’ve been to Mexico.

Stewart  (37) – taking anti-depressants, he’s a total basket case, drinks too much, is horribly needy, his last BF dumped him, he won’t admit it. We’re both avoiding him. This story will get truly ugly with age. Growing old is hard.

Richard (1st one 27) – black guy with “angry black man” problem. He apologized for exploding at me after I had gotten him a new job. Well – he got fired from that job as well. He’s got a serious emotional problem. He pops up on IM to say hello, I always reply, but don’t try and engage in a conversation. He knows. I don’t want to see him.

William (40) – the person I connected with the most. No idea, haven’t seen him out. His last message to me was a dissertation on my faults. Brian, my therapist, had an interesting prospective on William. I’m cool with that. Everyone is fundamentally f*cked up in some way. Wish for him the best. I harbor no ill will.

Kenny (31) – another great love. He’s seemingly fixated on my blog entry about him. He may need professional help. At 30+ years old, I can’t let him slide on an immaturity rap. Probably burned a bridge with him, don’t do that normally, but it may ultimately help him. He needs to grow up, it’s time.

Eduardo (27) – the one who got away. Damn. I’ve seen him out with his friends. Still something about him that nags me in a good way. He’s got a lot of fire, hope he finds what he’s looking for. He’ll be fine.

Aakesh (27) – my Indian friend, not a word, simply disappeared.

Richard (Chicago) – at all of 22, great head on his shoulders, he calls me every day. I’m trying to help him get a better job. He wants someone to love but recognizes the T&C’s that go with the gay world. He’s terribly lonely. His uncomplicated straightforward ways will ultimately prevail.

Asian Professional Guy (36) – probably should have chased him more, he was smart. But he poured his heart out to me one night on the phone about his life, thought it a bit strange considering how little I knew him. His 7 year relationship over, I recognize it’s a long road to finding a new one.

Conner (34) – is scared of relationships, I think he’s had some poor experiences. I brought him food and medicine when he was sick earlier in the week. He wrote me a long heartful “thank you” text message. He doesn’t want to be chased nor caught. He’ll probably call me at 1 in the morning from a bar when he’s a bit tipsy and looking for love.

Latin Guy (43) – the previously married slut. No idea. Assume he’s at the dance clubs looking for prey.

TV Show Guy (29) – realized he mainly hangs out with straight people and doesn’t frequent gay bars. Maybe that’s why I can communicate with him. He’s going to LA soon, got a part on a new TV sitcom. We like each other, I can handle him, he just wants someone to understand him. But our lives are world’s apart, he’s getting ready to go out, when I’m thinking of going to bed. Can’t wait to see him on TV and go “hey I’m seen that guy naked!”. Great conversation starter. 🙂