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On May 3rd I’m going to have move out of this temporary flat. Much as I’ve enjoyed it, the time is coming to an end. I’ve got to figure out what my next resting place will be. I long ago decided this will be the end of TC (TC). We will part company around that date. I’m not happy or mad. It’s time for a new chapter in my life and his free ride, at least with me, will be over.

Last night, I popped out for a drink in the neighborhood with a Phillipino nurse I had met. TC wasn’t 100% happy about that. So what. He can’t really express what he feels. When I returned an hour later, I tried to be affectionate, but he would have none of it. Storming away, yelling that "I was crowding his space".

At dinner a bit later, he peered over the table at me, "you irriate me so much sometimes, you remind me of my father".  Ah .. the joys of youth. Prof. Tim had always said enjoy those under 30 as your playtoys but don’t expect much emotional depth. I’ve taken that lesson to heart.

Sadly, TC will remember, years in the future, when he is my own age, what a great situation he had with me, saddened how he perhaps abused it and worse how he did not take real advantage of what I might have offered him. The brightness of youth sometimes overshadowed by its’ inexperience.

For now, TC’s life is all about him. It’s an interesting prospective for me. Aren’t we all the most interesting topic de jour in our lives? So shouldn’t the same lessons apply to all of us. 


  1. TC’s jealous…..end of subject. He’s acting like a child throwing taunts at you as if they will inflict harm.
    Have you spoken to the wife since the boys arrived home?

  2. Hi Chris, I found your blog quite by accident through having a google alert on “Circle K.” I’ve read your fascinating story from beginning to end. Today, your comment about TC’s life being all about him sparked the thought, “Isn’t yours, too?” If your life wasn’t all about you, you would be looking outward to meet the needs of your wife and two sons (who are at a time in life when they really need their dad around) first. Rather, you are primarily looking to meet your needs first and foremost. Not saying this in a condemning or judgemental way, just submitting that you may want to take a compassionate look in the mirror to consider that at this time in your life, based on what you’ve written, your life seems to be all about you, as well. And I’m not necessarily saying that’s a bad thing, either. Many blessings for your day, and I do appreciate the insight you provide into your journey! May you be blessed on the path!

  3. You’re right Chris…our own life is always the most interesting topic, BUT it seems as if at least you are considering TC and your kids and your wife etc as well. I think you’re handling things as best you can! big hug mate!!!

  4. Ouch! Thats the worst thing anyone could say…”you remind me of my father…” hope that does not apply in sex too!

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