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What’s your type?

Seems to be a common question along with your horoscope. I didn’t think I had a type until now. But I do, don’t I? My stories spell it out. I like a little exotic, warm eyes, strong passion, creative, educated, able to hold a conversation on a variety of topics, soft on the edges, long dark hair, multiculture/multilingual and well dressed. I actually like a bit of high maintenance, it keeps me on my toes. Slender built, a bit shorter than me. So there, I’ve got my profile done.

I was born on the cusp, a Aries/Taurus, a sign shared with Adolf Hitler (I don’t bring that up much, wonder why). The info reads like me. I’m a believer. Eduwardo was born on the cusp as well. I’m reading his cusp info and nodding my head. Yup, that’s him alright, to a T. He was a perfect match for me. I truly f*cked up the whole situation with him, sorry mate.

But life doesn’t stop for sorry, it moves on. There are no “do overs”. New beginnings are possible, just don’t count on them. We all made mistakes in our dealings with others. It’s what we are as humans. But it’s what we’re made of that propels us forward. So here’s hoping your moving forward as well. Die Bahn fahrt ab…

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  1. im still working on my type. i have ideas, but not enough experience to back it up yet.

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