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What’s up with this “wink” stuff?

48 hours into, still tweaking my online profile. Couple of guys have sent me nice emails, whole bunch of guys have “winked” at me. What’s up with that?

Winking is supposely someone who has read your profile, thought you were interesting (in some screwy regard) and wanted to let you know that they’re interested. To “wink” at someone you just click a button on their profile.

I thinking how lame. I mean, if you’re so freaking lazy, uncreative or hidden in your shell that you can’t compose a pithy 3 line email stating why you’re interested — you want me to take the effort and wink back or compose some well written email. You can “wink” for free, so OK maybe you’re just browsing, but then again how serious are you.

I’m updated my profile today, winkers can remain wankers, cause I’m not interested.


  1. too funny..have not tried the match sites yet…..if your gonna show an interest in someone, write and tell them, don’t play coy and use the wink button.just plain lazy….if you know what i mean

  2. LMAO. I hate dating sites. Did you hear about that whole drama?

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