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Gay married man coming out story

What’s that noise?

Some widowed older guy, a friend of a friend, has been emailing my wife. He wants to be her “friend”. I, of course, see the entire comedy in this. Try as she might, she can’t help but laugh as I do an entire parody of him contacting her. Men think with their dicks and it doesn’t matter what age they are (me being the sole exception on the face of this planet). She’s doing fine, she knows I’m not abandoning her.

I still like women. In fact, I’ve been using the “gay” cover as my trojan horse. I enjoying this new weapon. Chris got pised with me the other night, I was chatting up this late 20’s girl in a bar. I didn’t even realize it, but I got the evil eye from him. Oops. I went thru the “bi” thing and throughly dismissed this as being indecisive. A phase every “coming out” guy goes thru. But perhaps it does exist. Your mileage will vary.

Comments from other guys on how “straight acting” I am.  As compared to what? My wife asking me why I’m not feeling “liberated”. Liberated from what? Whatever it is, it’s my problem, not hers, so after 2 years of agony, she needs to go on without me. The road ahead is yours to own.

What’s coming up next? I have no idea. You can be scared of the unknown. Or you can welcome the onset of change. Holding on is pointless. As soon as one train rattles out of the station, another is on it’s way. Have faith.


  1. Chris you’re a natural born flirt. You like flirting…..I think it’s like a contest or game to you……too bad Chris (TC) donesn’t understand yet how natural it comes to you……

  2. I’ve tagged you with a Meme. I enjoy reading your blog.

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