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What was I saying?

With the start of the US holiday season, I'm officially declaring myself depressed. The holidays are a perfect time to be miserable. Cold, dark, family members bothering you. A young guy who used to work for me calling this afternoon, his company just whacked him a few hours ago, the day before Thanksgiving, nice touch.

TC all depressed about being 25, he thinks he's getting old. I must be downright prehistoric. He's all over me, "Chris, you can't get depressed, you're the 'up' person in this relationship, we both can't walk around being down." Who says?

Prof. Tim calling to invite me for New Year's Eve, seems there is a new Latin club with a fresh crop straight from crossing the river who need help coping with the Chicago winter. Now about TC …. if he gets one whiff of this dabolical plan, I won't be getting any for Christmas.

The holidays are like MSG, if you're in a good mood, you'll be happier, but if darkness looms, this time can appear darker during than it is. The key, I keep reminding myself, it's only appears darker than it is. Enjoy the time, make a "to do" list, execute on your "to do" list, stay in circulation and slowly but surely the darkness will life.

Until then, I'm back to looking at my Latino Chicken Selects (look, don't touch – I'm married twice you know).


  1. wow–twice married–that’s quite a statement. you’ve come a long way emotionally this year haven’t you? big hugs to you and TC.

  2. wow, married twice. Marriage is such a big comittment. Now, just a few post backs (two nights ago?) you were wondering who TC was whoring around with (post before that, you were disgusted by your “ex” wife’s “whoring” around with her bf). Some posts before, you’ve complained about TC’s whoring, your std status (one or both of you got crabs), etc. How do you define marriage? I define it as absolute and open comittment, living together, no questions to anyone as to who your life partenr is. Does TC fit this mold? Why then do you live with your ex? Do your children even know TC? Are you “married?” Listen, I’m all about gays rights and rights to marriage, but let’s not throw the term around as if it’s today’s a la mode. It should mean something, and frankly, as cute as I think you and TC are, you are not “married.”

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