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Gay married man coming out story

What to tell the kids? How about nothing.

My two boys are here with me in London. At 12 and 14, they’re pretty close to each other, but this also means they’re constantly trying to kill themselves. I’ve never been good with fighting boys and having just us “men” under one roof is stressful.

Neither of them have asked me any questions, not even a hint. Just how do you begin the “daddy likes cock” discussion? We never had the “daddy likes pussy” discussion, so why any need to bring this up.  There’s been no question about our martial relationship. We’ve called home each day and I’ve cordially spoken with her.

It’s hard for gay guys to fathom. I will have a relationship with this woman for the rest of my life. We have a product of our time together and right now those products are sitting on the couch playing poker and watching Survivor, preparing to kill each other. They will grow up, go to school, have girlfriends (or boyfriends), relationships, perhaps raise a family themselves, have problems along the way. An during all of this, my wife and I will be spectators, consuls, havens of safety. No point pissing her off.

But I miss my Tiger Cub. He comes back tomorrow from Paris, maybe it’s just puppy love (me being the puppy). Our intimacy level is high, but so many other things about us, simply don’t match. In the midst of all of this, my radar screen is full of new contacts. My Phillipino nurse has called me several times, eager to see me, a Chinese restauranteur I’d chatted with on Gaydar is also pinging me back and a 21 year old Hawaii here studying (OK – I have a thing for brown surfer bodies) has texted several times wanting to go do dinner.


  1. Oh you TART! LOL
    So what are you going to say to the boys when TC turns up tomorrow night then???

  2. Why don’t you go out with all of them. Who knows, you might make friend friends which would be a very good thing.
    As for your relationship with your wife, I’m in the same boat. We will always have a relationship, always.

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