I wasn’t a big believer in horoscopes. They’re fun to read. I’m a Taurus and my attributes are supposely that I’m reliable, loving, determined but prone to jealousy, rigid and greed. I’m not going to argue these, but sometimes they sound a bit too familiar.

I’ve been asked by just about every guy, “what’s my sign?” Looking at this website, you can compare your sign against a potential partner’s to determine just how compatible you are. I’m not sure just how much weight I’d put against this, but … it’s sometimes eery how it strikes home.

For example, Eduardo was a Cancer. Supposely this is the best possible match for me (10 of 10). Reading the compatibility, with the little I knew of him, I agreed with the horoscope’s read on his personality. I clearly liked him. Damn – that’s water under the bridge.

My latest Chris is a Sagittarius and sadly that’s only a 4. Scary to me is that Sagittarius likes to wander the world, and in fact, that was my sense of Chris. He’s wandering the world. What would a long term relationship look like? Who knows.

Ramez, my Mexican friend, was a Leo, ranking a 6. TV guy was a Libra and got a 7. My wife is also a Taurus and that ranks a mere 5.

I’d hate to think I made a relationship decision on this basis of a horoscope. But still interesting reading.