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What rights?

Scrappy Doo have all sorts of wide ranging discussions and the good news, he doesn’t usually get too excited about any my views. I seem to have an opinion about everything.

We were discussing gay marriage and the whole subject of a relationship between two men. I basically said that being gay is effectively a fuck up of nature, an extra DNA cell of sorts. At some very low level, our purpose on earth is simple, create more people, continue to ensure mankind exists. Gays don’t seem to be doing much to contribute to this.

Of course, this same logic would hold that the strongest elements would survive and thrive. This would mean that the most educated and well to do would launch the most offspring. Obviously, you’ve never been to any down and out part of Washington, DC (most of the city actually), where logic courses don’t seem to be widely taught.

Scrappy, in his youthful wisdom, laid out the challenges for a man-on-man relationship. He’s very well versed in all the challenges, obstacles and hurdles. He’s more accepting that this is puzzle we have to work with and you just do the best you can. For me, I like clarity, binary decision, but with Scrappy holding my hand, I am slowing learning to accept gray as an acceptable color.

If there is any secret to the relationship Scrappy and I have, it’s that we talk, all the time, there is no subject that is off limits, there is no massaging of the data, we say what’s on our mind, sometimes sparks fly but at the base level we are highly honest with each other. But we both recognize not only are we human, but that nature has placed us in an awkward position and only by being intelligent about things can we hope to fool Mother Nature.

We’re nearing on 4 years together if you can believe.


  1. “Gray as an acceptable color.” I think there is a lot more “grey” out there regarding our sexuality that most people could ever imagine.

  2. And I remember when you first met Scrappy in Europe…..the sparks flew immediately……you’re a lucky man.

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