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Gay married man coming out story

What now?

is yelping. He doesn't want to come to Washington. He wants assurances
it's only for a "little while". DC is not on his circuit of places to
be, it's not London or Paris or Bangkok. Not helping, his friends are
telling him it doesn't feel right.

Unfortunately, "Daddy" here
has to make money to take care of his Tiger, has a bunch of underlying
responsibilities with a wife and 2 kids sucking on his resources and
while it seems like I can jet about as I wish, my boat is a bit larger
and takes time to turn. Let's start with me getting out of the house. Something bringing money in would be nice and oh and this minor disruption in the economy,
yeah that too.

I understand his desire to see the world, wander,
be a free spirit. Days I wish he had another 10 years on him, a bit
more settled but then a new problem would loom, he'd have a job,
friends, roots and unfortunately I'd appear to be the wandering spirit.

can see how hard it is for a gay couple to stay in synchronous orbit.
Someone is always compromising, correcting their path and often the
judgment is the reward isn't worth the effort.

TC would be giving me a lot but he's asking a lot from me as well. Isn't that what partnership is about? L O V E screws up the best made plans.

can yelp. I'm his partner and he can be himself all the time, but we
have to be together to make a life. Get your brown ass here and STFU.

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  1. Does TC have a workable alternative plan. Ask him what he would propose you guys do as a couple?

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