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Gay married man coming out story

What about the gays?

Single in the City had reminded me of a regular reader who lived in Sydney that I should meet up with. Middle aged guy, previously married, florist (bing bing bing). I had him as a Facebook friend, so I looked him up. His profile photo is of him in an outdoor shirtless pose. If this was earlier in my experience, I might be a bit shocked. He’s not some 20-something frolicking on the beach. He’s a middle aged mature man.

Living here in Gayborhood of Sydney, I have at least 8 fitness clubs within walking distance, all regularly visited by a buff homos of all ages. I need only ride around in my elevator on a Friday night to see  buff guys. I feel fat. Single in the City (who I affectionately refer to as Boo Boo the Bear) and I had discussed the origins of why gay men are so physically focused. I happened upon this great article at, written by a woman, I think this captures the overall spirit. A nice easy read.

We’re booked to leave Sydney July 2nd. I could only get Scrappy Doo a business class ticket for the 9.5 hour flight to Hong Kong and corporate rate at one of the top Hong Kong hotels, one of those places where they clean the room twice a day. It’s gonna go to his head, I’ll be lucky if he leaves the hotel property.

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  1. Life is tough! business class…five star hotels…enjoy the last few weeks in buff Sydney!

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