TC remembers being gay at 9 years old. We’re talking at dinner last night. While he’s not had sex with many guys, he figures he’s made out and fooled around with bunches of them. He finds it hard to believe that I’ve had so few experiences with men or woman. TC is as queer as they come and he’s been lucky, this is the only way he knows himself.

I read a bunch of gay blogs (coming out, confused, married or whatever). I’m still struck by the “hot” guy photos or the “this tight ass guy came into the office today and I almost died” or better “G came over and spent the night, he’s not as good as Y”. I keep wondering what’s the point.

Now mind you, TC busts me regularly for chatting up guys (he’s quite jealous I’m finding). But I’m really just a one horse rider. I’m not into looking at hot buff guys or late night fantasies. I’m much happier with one person. The thought of being with (in any fashion) numerous people seems to cheapen the overall experience. But that’s just me.

So we’re all wired a little different. If what you’re doing makes you happy, then, well, you’re happy, I guess, keep doing what you’re doing. But then why are you blogging about it?

I’ll stop blogging when I think this journey has reached some logical weigh station. A point where beyond is simply boring (“we ate at the new Thai restaurant and is was sooo yummy” – type of crap) or twists itself into some other agenda (“why can’t gays can married and run for President” – BS). So I’ll try to stay on topic.

The good news is the gay community is accepting of all types, they’ve seen it all before. If I had my way, I’d disappear back in the suburbs with my little tiger cub, never venture into a gay club, never read another blog and simply get on with life as I want to define it. When that day comes, this blog will end, having served it’s useful purpose. Ain’t there yet.