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Gay married man coming out story

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I’m in Toronto and once again, you’re not.  I’m about to go crazy, there are a bizzlion cute boys of all shades wandering about this city and all very polite. As a result, I have been limited strictly to the hotel and mostly empty restaurants where TC can keep a close eye on me. So it goes.

We are in theory celebrating 3 years together. During the past years, TC’s older sister and I have spoken on numerous occasions, mostly it’s her trying to figure out where the hell ‘he’ is, since communications isn’t his strong suit. With my visit to Toronto, he accidentally let slip that I was in Toronto and she quickly asked if she could meet me.

TC was set aback, his sister barely acknowledges his gayness, it’s a topic they never discuss and has never so much as ventured a hint of interest in any relationship TC might have. Thus the request to meet me was indeed a major step. It’s no brain twister for her to have figured out that I’ve been around awhile and that despite her brother trying to hide the truth that we’ve lived together off and on.

I’m all ready to meet for a coffee or drink, nothing big, just an intro. But TC isn’t so sure. It begins the process of uncovering the truth, our age differences, my family situation and he can see no good coming from that. His sister doesn’t have a good reputation for keeping a secret, thus his mother and father would have a better clue in short order.

Gay guys go to all kinds of lengths to mask or reduce their exposure. It’s no big surprise, there usually is no upside to that kind of conversation. True enough, there is a growing population who simply don’t care either way but based upon my own experiences, you have no idea which way people will fall. So run silent, run deep might appear to be the best course of action.

Duality of your life is mind numbing, it’s when you finally realize you are indeed the wack job that perhaps it’s time for a change. I’m not fully wacked, yet, more like medium yacked, but keep on cooking me and I’ll get there. Tough, grizzled.


  1. Chris: TC is just showing you off, perhaps in preparation for a big announcement to his family. You should be prepared to be the center of attention for awhile.

  2. Congrats on the 3 years buddy…that is a milestone. Coming out is hard!

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