Welcome dear reader, if you’re joining this blog mid-season, periodically I do a summary posting to kinda of bring you up to speed. You can click the “Beginning of the Story” link if you want to start at the beginning or email me and I’ll happily send you a nice PDF version of this blog (in chronological order) for easier reading (perfect for your Kindle).

The origins of this blog are simple. I was living an idyllic life, happily married, two great kids (now nearly grown), cooking burgers on the grill, doing my little job and having what you might describe as a Boy Scout sort of life. There were no demons, no dark side that I kept in a nice corner away from prying eyes, no real secrets. My private life was nearly identical to my private life. I soon came to discover how different I was, for many of us have dark secrets of things that we’ve done, people that we are.

But that wasn’t me and I merrily going along until that one fateful day. What began as an innocent exploration, perhaps feeling I was due some shady aspect of my life, a quick drive down a dark lane, turned into a 1-way road into hell. It’s comic now to think of all that I saw, endured, heard and thought. But it’s easier to laugh after you’ve been through the storm.

I’m through the storm. Sort of. I’m not sure you ever leave the edges of the storm. My life is different, it’s not better or worse. I wonder often whether I’m happier or not. What I do know that I have learned a lot. A lot about other people, a lot about myself and probably more important to me than anything, it has been an interesting adventure.

Read, enjoy, comment, hate, love, cry, laugh – I know that you are reading looking for some answers yourself, some clue to help you, some clue to help the others around you. I hope this helps.