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We pause for a commerical message


I wanted to get TC something personal for his birthday and it was killing me. Just some thingie wouldn’t do it, it needed to hit an emotional note.

Look at the 3000 photos we’ve taken in the last year, I decided to a photo album for him and stumbled upon that offers coffee table style professionally printed and bound books. Decent software let me add capitions and I spent several hours composing a tongue-in-cheek narrative. This is a photo of the back and front cover. Yes that is T’C’s luggage in a London hotel, he packs more crap when he travels.

The printing takes 7-10 days and on the day TC was heading to the airport, Fedex delivered the 11 x 13″ 32 page book. The quality was stunning and I highly recommend the service.

TC was appreciative and carted it on to the plane with him and away he went. But it wasn’t until a few days later that his best girlfriend sent me an email (which she never does) telling me how much that meant to TC and that he was truly touched by the thought.

Guys in general don’t like to reveal their thoughts and hate it worse if they do that they don’t get some form of acknowledgement. We’re complex beasts despite our own wishes. So you can see, if provided me a great deal of comfort that she (a woman) brokered the emotion.

I’m still in woman mood BTW.

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  1. It is truly a lovely gift. I went and found all of Geoff’s old family movies and quietly brought them in and put on a DVD. He get’s it on Christmas.

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