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Image408 During the weekend in Toronto, Tiger Cub predictably spent most of the time "testing" the hot water facilities in the hotel and alternating back to the bed with his head under the covers where he would occasionally take a swap at me as I walked past.

At dinner one night, one his friend's inquired as to whether I would considering moving to Toronto. High taxes, freezing cold weather, sure why not. TC's eyes raised and he slowly said no. Later I asked him why not. Toronto is actually a quite nice place and clearly not as wacky as America.

He started to explain that he wanted to get out of his "hometown". But as he continued it became apparent that his life would be continually awkward if he were living with me. TC's large immediate family (all living in Toronto) would struggle with the concept. He could never imagine his family accepting me and it would always be strange situation for everyone.

I questioned him a bit about this. Mayyyyybe … if I were brown, part of the same ethnic culture, closer to his age and they liked me (who doesn't like me???). Maybe it would be just OK. Talk about equal rights. Though, I quickly understood what he was saying.

On my own front, I applied for unemployment, a total of $1,550 a month. Considering the poverty income level for a family of 4 is $21,200. It's clear to see how you can't count on government to help you out. Hey but it pays for dining expenses.

As much as I fall down, I also can fall up. European company interviewing me on Friday for a new position in Europe they've been wanting to fill. Wish me luck.

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  1. Of course we wish you luck, but we also know how capable you are so luck won’t have anything to do with you…’ll get the job…..but good luck anyway.

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