TC has been temporarily living with one of his high schools friends and his boyfriend/partner/weird relationship. His friend is stuck in some sort of ‘gay’ warp in that his whole life is all queer, all the time. He’s up on whatever is happening in the ‘hood, forever lamenting about how guys behave, that and his continual struggle with his strange partner relationship. The apartment with various guy pin-ups and of course god herself, Madonna. He cements it all with a gaggle of twinkie boys that make up his gang.

TC is complaining how it’s gotten to be a bit too much for him. The Logo channel never seems to be off. TC played out his gayness long time ago and you won’t find him in the ‘hood, between keeping his two best bitches happy and 24-hour surveillance on me (he called me at 1 a.m. and 7:30 a.m.) and family obligations, he doesn’t have much free time.

To each his own.  But I think you need to figure out what side of the muffin you’re on here. I did my time in the hood and realized I couldn’t coup with it 24 x 7. The world is a bit bigger. Frankly, with TC under wing, we almost never did any gay community events.

Yes, I know, it’s obvious what’s going on here. With no nearby TC, I’m pondering what’s going to happen and trying to make a contingency plan. Like so many things, much as I’d like it all to happen today, I’m going to have to be patient, wait and allow the story to unfold. Damn. Hate that.