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Taking a break, I start clicking around on blogs, I enjoy reading the well written ones if they’re interesting and have some sort of point to them. I’m clicking along and suddenly find myself in a bad neighborhood, The Sexual Escapades of a DC Top and not far behind (sorry the pun) are Confessions of a Bareback Top. The best Chronicles of a Young Slut.

My little blog is starting to sound downright pedestrian compared to these whore mongers. This is just the tip of the iceberg, the number of blogs with guys touting their sexual conquests goes on and on. I thinking to myself how empty this all is. A life based upon sex. I thought I had it bad.

Now before I climb on my “mightier than thou” horse, I’m clearly less than respectable, why just last week … Oh never mind, you already know. But still, given my choice, I “hope” I’d opt for a longer term more meaningful relationship given the chance.

If you need me, I’m in the closet looking for my Boy Scout merit badges.

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  1. Interesting blogs. I need to avoid that DC dude lol.

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