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V for Victory

I post because I must, you expect it, so I sit write. I must tell you I am tired, the situation like a cell splitting, always become just a bit more complex, facets that aren't sparkling. Kids, wife, boyfriend, living situation, life situation. The tarot cards not giving me a the high sign.

I remember as a teenager I was a Police Scout (hard to believe me the coke snorting, pot smoking, booze guzzler that I had periods of – yeah I know how to be cool), a black woman, on a table, in the emergency room, she'd been shot, the story how escapes me with age. Somehow I found myself talking at this head of this women while doctors worked away in this small county ER.

It was a lucid conversation, she was scared, I was scared but we were both trying to be calm. A normal conversation ensued, she looked at me deep in my eyes. I've never forgotten the look in her eyes. She simply wanted another human to be in touch with her. I got pushed out as the activity in the room grew and a short while later, just a few feet away, I learned the woman had died. I was likely the last person she had spoken with. Probably not an experience for the average 17 year old.

My point, in this snapshot of the past, we should all try and minimize our drama, life is dramatic enough without aid. Keep it all in prospective, if you're around tomorrow to fight, well, that's a small victory.

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  1. I’m sorry you are feeling blue. It sounds like life is weighing heavily on you right now. Fortunately, you are a very lucky guy; lucky because you have an incredibly intelligent fellow you can call your partner. It’s at times like this, when life seems rotten, that you can take comfort in the fact that y our partner is strong, insightful, supportive, and charming to boot. I think you realize how wonderful that cub is, and how much you are blessed to have him in your life (even though he has no cell phone). All the best. I’m sure Mark will add his usual dribble of approval.

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