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Update: On the road

Maastricht, The Netherlands – I’m officially modifying my policy of "no white guys" based upon the available talent here in the Netherlands. I’ve been doing nothing but growling as I walk the streets. Plus a nice mixture of brown,  I think it’s because they have long hair and dress nicely unlike the DC gay uniform of buzz cut hair and a t-shirt.

Up to Amsterdam for tonight, sadly with a work colleague in tow and then over to London for meetings tomorrow afternoon. I’ll hunker down in for the weekend, TC not there yet. Bedding at hotel in Belgravia area of city, god awful expensive, but hey it ain’t my money.  I may check out the bar scene, Ku-Bar, Edge, G.A.Y. — any other suggestions?


  1. Maastricht is officially the most overdressed town in the country, but it’s all a front, there to conceal the (relative)poverty of the place.
    Long hair? That’s not the style of the moment over here…
    I told you us Southerners are nice looking!

  2. I can’t keep up with you! But if you’re in London, try Rupert St – it’s a nice bar. G A Y is just sleazy! Friendly Society is also nice. (all in Soho, on or near Old Compton St)

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