Trolling thru emails yesterday, a reader had wrote me with his opinion, nicely worded as it was, but basically implied that Scrappy Doo wasn’t surely my life time mate, but hey he’s 23 years younger than you so I should enjoy the experience for whatever period it lasted. OK, thanks and hope life is well for you too.

As I’ve come to understand, there is no long term. There is only the here and now. Scrappy is an old soul in a young man’s body. He’s got a good sense of himself (something most gays are lacking). He’s got a whole long list of negatives but the basic positives outweigh it all. We both could be doing worse.

Scrappy and I went for a short time to a little event where Single in the City was with his friends. We chuckled walking down the street, the girls n’ guys, huddled over their Iphones, the darting eyes of the homo on the prowl, unable to hold a conversation as they constantly scan the room for fresh meat, the uptight priss too good for anyone. Finally, the constant drone of how unfriendly Sydney is and how much better {insert name of new city}. Scrappy recognized that at some point you are indeed the very atmosphere that you are complaining about.

But we talked more, this isn’t unique to Sydney or the homo community, it’s how life is. In 15 years of marriage, my wife and I never really made any good ‘couple’ relationships, sure the neighbors, sure the other parents on the various sports team, school, church, whatever. At 50, I struggle with anyone other than my wife or Scrappy Doo who I would consider a ‘good’ friend. Yes, I know lots of people but no, I don’t wanna spend any more time with them.

The reality is I’m happy with Scrappy Doo 24 x 7. We’re never bored or tired of each other or run out of things to talk about, fight about, or make up about. There is no constant thinking about our relationship or posturing on how to handle this or that or over rotating on any single topic. It just flows.

That’s the way it should be and that’s the way it is.

Photo from kiddie petting zoo yesterday, Scrappy was happy as a kid, though he wouldn’t feed the animals.