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Update from afar

I haven’t written anything because there is nothing to write about. I’ve said my piece and it’s all here for you new readers to read.

But those old readers (still alive), who might venture by, I thought an update might well be in order. So here goes …

I secured a permanent position in Hong Kong and just this week locked down a 2 bedroom lux apartment. Nice building, pool, gym. It’s what the Brits would say is posh. Work is going fine, it’s stupid company on a road to nowhere and I’m content to take money from them in large quantities. My other company (the one I started) and though I’m no longer and active partner, I started to draw a monthly share of the profits as well. So work wise, all good.

Scrappy is still very much in my life. He managed to segway his way into a fancy salon busy with the whiteies in Hong Kong and bitches normally like him so he’s suddenly found himself work a lot of hours. The pay is shit, but he’s working his way there and keeps him out of trouble during the day.

We’re still very much together. It has been quite stressful. Hong Kong ain’t Indiana and there are really only 2 modes here. You either live like a local or you live like a King, there is relatively little middle ground here (clearly an opportunity). So you can guess which direction I decided.   I pay Scrappy his monthly allowance and I got him medical insurance and he’s mostly happy. We have regular martial quarrels, usually over very stupid little things. Mostly though we’re trying to adjust together to Asian life.

Scrappy and I haven’t been to the gay scene in ages. Our weekends are venturing about, dinner or staying at home. Very boring, but typical married life. The drama is always in the air, Scrappy has a theatrical quality about him. I continue to wind him up with throngs of cute Asians. Scrappy knows my type and I get into trouble walking down the street 2 blocks before I even see the guy. Oh well.

My son was accepted into a top engineering school but he wants to major in Physics. WTF do you do with a physics degree? Who knows? But he consults me regularly and my overarching advice is always – do what makes you the most happy. Life should be that simple.

On rare occasions, we hit another homo wandering around and for these public ones, the club never seems to close, they go from one drama to another, flying here and there, new boyfriend, old boyfriend, dumped boyfriend, always a story, always an out, seemingly happy, suspiciously sad. I suspect strongly that the best ones only stay on the market a short while and similar to Scrappy and myself disappear quickly

Am I glad I made this move? Well I’m not sure it’s worthy of pontification. It is what it is.



  1. Hey – being an old reader, its always nice to see you’ve not kicked the bucket & that you & Scrappy still make things work. Your blog has been nice to refer onto other guys that are dealing with coming out married, so thanks for keeping it up….I’m continually amazed at the number of closeted married guys going through this process that come out to me!!

  2. This faithful follower is glad that you’re no longer MIA. Keep up the good work. Your sense of humor about all of which is way cool! Thanks!

  3. Your account of getting tested for HIV …surreal & secretive & strangely on the down low…in Hong Kong is so very funny! I loved your account! Thanks! A belly laugh, oddly enough!

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