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Poor and poverty stricken, I am, but that’s not stopping me from packing up the family, shoving them onto an airplane and sending them to Europe for a month. If I’m going out, it’s gonna be with a big flash. I’ve started to look at other family members, “You don’t look so well, am I in your will?”.

Off, off they go. Unfortunately, the brainiac (the oldest son) f’d up some educational thing so he’s staying behind for the next 2 weeks, which means I will have to go to my primary house and baby sit him. No whoring around. No clubbing about. No late nite chat sessions. Nope, gonna be clean country living for me. Ooops. OK so I haven’t been doing any of those things, not because I don’t wanna, but because I have a hysterical half-crazed Tiger who if he so much senses I’m even remotely misbehaving goes into full bitch mode of epic proportions, frightening to small children, pregnant woman prone to early delivery and me hiding in a closet. It’s not a sight you want to see on a full stomach. Damn, he’s done figured me out, so quickly do.

TC enjoyed Toronto Pride, now after so many years and boys, it doesn’t have the same impact on him. In fact, I think he was rather bored. His only amusement was to call me (every fucking hour until 3 a.m.) and taunt me with a homo version of “I Spy”. He’s yelping in a quiet soft way, here’s hoping we figure all this out quickly.

I will have some Father/Son time, probably a good idea, son is now well into high school. He’s smart about things. I was amazed as he explained all about nutrition to me. Impressive. But I’m still getting those Ruffles Potato Chips. Part of my “have no regrets” policy. We’ll make the rounds. I don’t imagine he will ask any prying questions. They never do. Like UN officials, they’re in pure observation mode and they observe everything.

The heat is on, time is slipping, something needs to fall into gear.

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  1. Good to see you are spending time with your children. They probably do need you. I wanna spend the summer in Europe too. Can you send me???

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