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Up up and away

George Carlin says that I’m just about to REACH 50, damn I was just PUSHING 40, or so it seemed just the other day. TC is leaving, but we’re not breaking up. I’m not sure what we’re doing. I got a stern lecture today about chatting up ‘boys’ at the Apple store (who knew I wasn’t supposed to do that, I mean aren’t they supposed to post signs or something about it).  So here we be, me at 49, TC at 26.

TC and I are talking about relationships and while we may be one odd bird, there’s not a question about our commitment and things just sort of work. But TC’s 2 flat mates from London are a different story, none seems to find anything that lasts. The latest, the 36 yo is breaking up with his BF of two years and off now to see a therapist to try and solve his own commitment issues.

Commitment seems to be a major hurdle in gay relationships. It always seems one partner has one foot out the door. The excuses are many, he may not be 100% right for me, I don’t wanna get hurt, I wanna keep my options open, the ‘we’re keeping it casual’. This from 2 people who seem to be getting on well.

Then there’s the ‘let’s stay here for a while’. The classic keep dating routine, we’re not fully committed, but we’re not uncommitted either. But the relationship doesn’t seem to be going anywhere. BANG. Another reason to end it.

It would seem most guys spend most of the time trying to get out of whatever relationship their in and rationalize why they’re doing it. I don’t think many men would get married if a women didn’t finally put her foot down and get the guy to declare his intentions.

TC and I got together on a fluke, we moved in as pseudo-roommates and I simply disregarded all the rules and it grew from there.

Meanwhile, back at the Apple store, I’m moving my % up, 90% of iPad customers gay, it’s one big ass iPhone screaming our your sexuality!


  1. You are very correct about commitment. That is hard to find. Good that you found it, first relationship too!

  2. What you have with TC is enviable. Continued happiness.

  3. Hey, why not go the next step and get married when you visiting him in Toronto…..or isn’t the divorce final yet. We don’t want you being charged with polygamy now do we.

  4. How wonderful. When is the wedding?

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