I’m resurfacing for a couple of reasons. One, things are becoming more clear to me and two, blogging these ups and downs has been benefical to me (plus the thought of a movie deal doesn’t hurt).

During the last 26 days, I didn’t stop talking to William. I tried. Made it zero days. Lapsed into just emailing for 6 days and then broke down and called him. I’ll post on my other unwindings in a bit.

I’m sick of all this sh*t. I’m tired. I’m depressed. I told my wife it would be best if I moved out on my own. I will be miserable. But this is the only way I’m going to know who I am. Away from any distractions or preceived obligations.

My wife, to her credit, has tried to be understanding. There is no more anger at me. Just sadness for herself. My family leaves for a summer vacation home for 8 weeks each year (yes, must be nice) and she has suggested I remain at home and sort this out. The overall message is to take my time. I’ve already taken a year, how much more time do I need?