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Thank god for the French. Facing economic ruin, they have de-camped from France and now appearing in droves in Hong Kong and with it the emergence of real French grocery shops. So there Scrappy and I are sitting on the couch, munching on a quiche, salad with good balasamic (never buy the cheap shit), crunchy baguette and ooozy brie cheese.  Happy little clams we were watching movie, “The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel” which I thoroughly enjoyed.

Last few weeks a few incidents have touched me. The movie being the latest, a group of folks in their sunset years dealing with unsettled issues in their life and discovering what the real meaning of life is. It’s touching and funny and worthy of a view. Many of us don’t finally come to terms with what we want until too far near the end of our own reels.

In the same vein, one of our employees about my age with 2 kiddies and a wife was struck one evening with a food allergy that he wasn’t previously aware of. His wife called an ambulance and he thought it funny and was taking mobile phone pictures and sending them out to the office gang as he rode to the hospital.  Drugs administered, the reaction went away and his wife drove him home. All was well it would seem until it struck again a few hours later. He died enroute to the hospital of cardiac arrest. He was on the instant messaging system the next day showing ONLINE, his computer still logged on from home as if some eerie reminder.

I sat down and wrote my own wife and kids a note that night telling them the story and also that despite all the shit that’s gone down and missed opportunities and failures, problems, things that could have been done different and any other legal catchall phrase I could conjure — that they were the most important people in my life and as the lights dim on my show they would be in my last thoughts. I didn’t get a reply, wasn’t expecting one though.

Focus on the important shit first.

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  1. That story was really unnerving. Such an eerie thing to see him signed in online after he passed, too. Your ending quote is so true.

    I know you weren’t expecting a reply to those emails you sent to your wife and kids. I think if I got an email like that I would have responded. Maybe it’s just projection on my part from an experience I had receiving a letter.

    Thanks for sharing this.

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