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I’m in the Netherlands, wandering down a tiny street, a paper cone filled with twice cooked french fries and a dollap of mayo. Who says fat can’t be your friend? But I’m on a mission, I’m out buying dope.

My tiger cub is a bit of a pot head and in london, you really have to search and its pricey. Me? I’m not a big fan. But in the Netherlands its easy to get, I’m here all the time, and I have an evil plan.

During my 10 day trip to the US, tiger cub won’t call me, just not him. So I’m gonna hide little packets of pot in the flat and each time tiger cub calls me, I will reveal the next location. I expect him to call every day.

He’s gonna hate this find the bone game, but who says house breaking a puppy is easy work.


  1. What an evil, but very cunning plan! ! ! Mwahaha! Well done you! 😉

  2. Chris,
    Love the plan…..

  3. If I had to bribe someone to call me, I wouldn’t consider that much of a relationship under any circumstances. That’s kind of sad.

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