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Gay married man coming out story


Tiger Cub is in London staying with his old roommate/boyfriend, Steven. TC is quickly realizing what I think he would find, you can never go home again. He’s already gotten in a major tiff with Steven (who at 30 is reaching drama queen stage). The last phone call, Steven had asked TC to leave, drama drama drama.

There have been several points in this whole coming out story where I’d thought I’d just go home. Pretend none of this happened. Be a good father, husband, work at my little job, mow the grass on Saturday and share grilling tips with the neighbors. Because what I’ve gotten so far does not in any way compensate me for the loss I have sustained.

If there is a TOP 10 LIST of ways to f*ck up your life, this coming out shit has gotta rank at least #2 or #3.

I’m not talking about the pansy husband who everyone always knew was a little lite in the loafers announcing that he and Fritz were having more than just coffee on Saturday mornings at the local bazaar. I’m talking about YOU, my neighbor, mowing your grass, working at your little job, being a good father/husband. Oh and with a desire to have a boy toy on the side. Sound familiar?

My recommendation is stay in the basement watching porn, hit up craigslist when on a trip and DEFINITELY go to SPIN on Wednesday nights if you’re in Chicago (all flavors available)! Don’t tell your wife and don’t believe the queers who tell you “how much better they feel”, because they don’t and misery loves company.

Happy now, you’ve got your answer. I’ve single handily saved your marriage, career, hours of torment and argument and likely thousands of dollars. Don’t send your donation to Haiti, send it to me.

But NO, you are a guy. And men are just generally stupid when it comes to emotional things. So you screwed around too much, got caught either by yourself or your wife (hint watching porn on your big screen TV probably isn’t a good idea), got your wife emotionally involvedĀ  and all upset and now reading this trite blog in the hope I can shed some light for you.

All of this is like working with an epoxy. You’d better prep the surface, have all your tools laid out and once you’ve put the resin in; you better move like hell because when this thing sets up there is no changing anything.

I have seen a number of guys who get frozen in the epoxy, the job not done. At home with their wife, sorta out, maybe some witless boyfriend in tow and full of excuses about how their situation is different or complicated, not the right timing or some other lame excuse. This, my friend, is the #1 way to f*ck up your life.

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  1. Chris…your Top 10 post is why I keep reading your blog. I enjoy your straight forward incisive take on this f*cked up situation we find ourselves in. As I know that everyone has to make their own choices and then live by them, too many other bloggers (many of whom I continue to read) seem to stress how being finally true to themselves is wonderful, but really avoid discussing the profound loss that they have sustained through the process. As one trudging through the resin before it sets, I appreciate “this trite blog” and hope you continue to write (at least until we find out what happens with you and TC and hopefully send a congratulatory wedding note). Best to you.

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