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Today, I feel better

A month ago I was in Cologne, Germany. A month ago a weekend mini-romance with Chris, a 22 yo Canadian. A month ago, but I still remember it well. I haven’t heard from Chris. I miss him.

Sunday, I send a brief “hello” text message to Chris. I’m setting myself up to be disappointed again, but hope for me is eternal. The message sent, I wait, no reply. I’m sad.

Monday, I’m sitting in a business meeting. My phone is ringing. It’s a 416 area code. Canada. OMG. “Hi Chris, it’s me Chris”. Up and out the door I go. Meeting over.

For the first time in my life, I am speechless. “I’ve been thinking about you and wanted to call”, he says. I turn into a school age girl. Half sentences, pauses, tripping over my own words. I did manage to get the words, “I’ve missed you” out. He replies, “Yeah, I know, I think about you every day when I put on the shoes you bought me” (am I good or what). We talk for 45 minutes. I ask about his relationship with the flight attendant in Duesseldorf. “He was getting too possessive, we broked up, I think I was an a**hole. He’s hitting on my roommate now, if you can believe it”.

I must be beaming. I’m happy. He wants me to come visit him in Toronto. “You’ll fly up to see me?” Fly, I’m thinking of renting the space shuttle. We’ll talk later in the week and figure out a schedule.

I probably overplayed my hand. Should have been cooler, more whatev. But I was happy to hear from him, like a puppy, my tail was wagging away with a warm smile. I’m just me. The story continues, we’ll see where it goes. One day at time.


  1. Ah……raising the bar but keeping the age limit I see. Don’t be afraid to be eager and pleased. It might not go anywhere, but for the moment you can enjoy it all.

  2. yeah, agree with mark. i am not going to hide my feelings anymore with others. if it scares them away, they werent for me.

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