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TC and I were out in Toronto one evening and struck up a conversation with a guy at the bar. The guy was lamenting about how old he was, he turned and sized me up and proclaimed he was indeed older than I was, guaranteed. This game has been played before and when he professed to being 42, TC relished the opportunity to tell him I was 49. Slow down there Bullseye on blowing out my birthday candles!  The guy almost dropped his drink and I had to show him my driver’s license to prove it.

I am inspired by the people at Pixar Pictures. John Lasseter, one of the key guys to make it happen, and I are roughly the same age. In watching interviews with him, he’s just one big goofy kid, ready to be awed and amazed, get ideas from the world around him and accept ideas from basically anyone and do it all with a sense of humor.  He admitted the challenge with each picture was for the team to ‘unlearn’ what they’ve learned, not to rely on their previous successes or paths and cautious of creating ruts that may fallen into. It’s awfully tough, as people do develop egos about how smart they are and lose a childlike innocence to themselves. It is with irony that the Disney group he now runs, fired him earlier in his career.

Wandering about in the gay world, I walked around wide eyed about the many things that I had never before seen in life. There is a lot of creative people and energy in this world. But there is also a destructive force at work, guys struggling with their own identity, how they fit into this world and how others will perceive them. Men roam with their heart pinned to their sweater, fly unzipped and emotions painted to their chest and wonder why they get their feelings hurt.

But despite my often jaded view, I do know that there is a fine clean unspoiled spot deep down in each of us that maybe the world has made us forget and it’s what I’m hoping to help you dust off and find


  1. Your kid-at-heart personality is infectious Chris. Your recent posts reveal a growing peace with yourself and this strange gay world we find ourselves in. Continued peace and happiness.

  2. 49…havent you been 49 for a while! LOL

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