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To be fair about it

I’m re-reading my raging posts over the last few days about how crappy TC is. But you’re only getting one side of the story. Mine. The reality is a bit more balanced than perhaps I’d like you to know.

You see I’m mad. I’m mad that TC isn’t the “one”. I’m mad because I’m going to have to search and find someone with more discards than a Texas Hold’em game. I’m mad because I realize that my young twinkie sports cars probably aren’t going to satisfy me. I’m mad about just what a disaster I am at the moment.

TC knows he’s a disaster. He was clear from day 1 that he couldn’t offer me the relationship I wanted. He’s been clear about his situation. He is however quite loyal and within bounds offered me his love & affection. He’s just a young guy who is trying to figure out what he wants from life and failing at the moment. TC told me that other then for me, he feels his life is pretty much f’d up.

I asked TC to come live here . Now if he weren’t here, I suspect I’d be writing about me being lonely, pissed off at the superficial sexually charged guys I’ve run in to and just generally miserable.

TC needs to go home, re-group, re-establish himself amongst long time family and friends. The hard timeout is mid July. It will be sad for both of us. But it’s what needs to happen. We both just need to move on.


  1. Waiting until mid-July will be a waste of several precious months. Buy him a plane ticket back to Toronto now, and enjoy the rest of your time in London. I’d rather hear about you being lonely as you search for “the one”, than hear about the situation you’re in now; that everyone realizes is going to come to an end regardless.

  2. I figure you use this blog to vent a lot. That’s why we don’t get quite an accurate picture.
    So if the good outweighs the bad, keep hanging together till July. But if it doesn’t, take heed of everyone else’s advice.

  3. Don’t become another gay guy looking for “the one.” He’s probably not out there…so stop me. Dont waste time. Just be happy with random hook ups.

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