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Tigers need to be tamed

TC is purring like the little tiger cub he is, he's syrupy sweet now, calling, oozing love, talking about being do'd again (well – he's always talking about that, no matter the situation).

First, I smacked him pretty hard, tigers respond to a strong master, acting up on me will he. But then I sat him down to the pure logic. If you don't come to DC, then dude, we're done and that I can promise you with 100% certainty. If you do come to DC, I can't promise everything will be alright, but I can hope that both you and I will try  and odds are better than 50% we'll figure it out.

So the choices are 100% certainty "we're done" or 50% certainty "we'll figure it out". This ain't wheel of fortune here. It's pretty binary.

He whimpers abit. So what's the downside? You come here, hate it, hate me, hate DC, are miserable, all thumbs down. Well, if that's the case you've burned 3 months maybe, you get on a plane and leave with 100% certainty that that's not what you wanna do. Since we were last living together on 09/24, we've already burnt through 3 months screwing around. Can you invest another 3 months to get 100% accuracy?

He whimpers abit more. OK – so you go away and think and give me your decision, because I have similar options and can't stand at this altar forever waiting on you, much as I love and care for you. I'm all grown up, tough decisions have to be made.

Later that afternoon, TC re-emerges all happy, "I'm coming to DC to live with you on January 2nd and try and make it all work, I promise", using his best sexy sly voice. "I miss you". He then goes on about how he wants to be do'd next (our conversations are quite funny).

We discuss the date and since his large family results in him being related to every man, woman and woodpecker in Ontario, I understand the difficulties in leaving. As a concession to me, TC is allowing me to go to Chicago for New Year's.

PS I have no idea what I'm gonna do in Chicago, let me think.

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  1. Oh, for God’s sake. Please.Give me a break. Do the words “playing you liek a violin”? mean anything to you? My hats off to the “cub,” he’s one smart tiger.

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