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Throwing caution to the wind

I lived in Europe for many years, traveled extensively, but it was business travel. You know – fly in, conference room, restaurant, hotel, back to airport. Every city starts to look alike with that routine. I always vacationed in the middle of nowhere, away from the stress.

But one must see the sights, at least once in their life, so I’d said f*ck it, I loaded up the internet and have booked TC and I go Paris this weekend, Rome in 2 weeks and Madrid shortly thereafter. Tiger Cub is purring so loudly, I had to smack him last night while he was sleeping. He’s a happy camper.

He’s working many hours including double shifts at the bar. I squeeze some money out of him, he needs to pay towards this fun too. I figured we enjoy being together, we like looking at stuff, he’s easy and I haven’t seen most of the cities properly.  What the hell, I’m only planning on living once.  Plus I don’t want to miss opportunities to chase him around naked in strange hotel rooms.

I get so mad at him. Just fuming sometimes. His lazy no go for nothing brown self. I chased him around and beat him with my Puma belt the other night for being a no good for nothing. But he knows how to make up, sic.

In fact, the intimacy between us is quite high. I don’t think I’ve had that before. TC tries not admit it, but living together you can’t help be drawn to each other.

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  1. There’s a bit of a racist overtone here – “His lazy no go for nothing brown self”.
    You are quite a like a character from “Smile Please” by Jonathan Keates, who is a married guy with a boyfriend. It might entertain you to read that book.

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