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I’m in Hong Kong home again home again. Scrappy is in Toronto. He’ll make his fat ass way to me here first of November, soon enough.  I haven’t written because frankly, I ain’t got nothing to say.

As much as I’ve focused on the wacko gay world, the straight world doesn’t seem all that much better. I met with a young couple (young is relative they’re in their 30’s) who after dating and living together, have decided to get married (you think). The girl is telling me how they’ve “decided” not to have children. She didn’t want to endure the pain of childbirth. It struck me as incredibly selfish and I was left wondering why do you need to get married if you’re not having children. I thought on an realized I know 2 other couples in virtually the same situation of sorts. What’s up with younger people?

For those married guys with kids, I’m sure that despite all the other issues & troubles in your life, one of the single biggest joys is their children. Yes they grow up and yes there is period of mean & nasty where you want to lock them up in the basement (and sometimes do). I think my life would be incredibly empty have had no children, it would be like I skipped a bunch of chapters. I was there for my kids early on and wish I could be there more now, it’s my greatest regret.

Maybe we’re back to the ME generation and I didn’t get the memo.


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  1. when was the last time you saw your children?

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