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Dinner last night with two woman investment bankers, mid-30’s. Type-A stressed out personalities, alpha-female, woman on top. Yaking about deriviatives, spreads and other terms that I have no idea about. Work all the time. Not married and find it difficult to have any relationship. Each of them make over $300,000 a year. Complaining about the turn down in the industry, worried they’ll be made redundant and get only a 90 day package.  One of them bought a horse, the other has a dog as their “children”. These people have problems?

It’s all relative isn’t it. These girls, work work work, smart as they may be, but they’re not smart enough to figure out what they really want. They want everything and yet seem to have found nothing. Their lives filled pursuing what they “think” they want. The whispering voice of their true desires, drown out by the noise of daily life. What you want is often not a well marked signpost in the highway of life.

I’ve been threatening to sit quietly and just think. Think about what I want, need and desire. But my own Type-A “call to action” personality seizes control and off I go, creating new stories and experiences. But am I any further down the road or just circling back onto myself.

Sometimes it’s by listening to others that we can learn to listen to ourselves.

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  1. Chris,
    Do you think you’ll ever allow yourself to slow down more often?

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