I’m powering up for my Thursday therapy session, I’m a good nut job. Notepad in hand, I feel, for the first time, that I’m starting to get a handle on understanding the primary issues. The last one being the famous "mid-life crisis".

I read the primer on the MidLife Wive’s Crisis page and I could relate to a number of the items . I am bored with my career and most of the people I know. I am thinking, well what’s next. In my life when faced with a decison, I’ve generally opted for the bolder one, though sometimes having to backtrack later. Life is just too short to not have it interesting. I don’t seem to relate well to other men my age (actually I never have). So is this my mid-life crisis with a new "gay cruise" element?

William, who I consider a strong father figure, is likely to say no, that I’m denying who I am and want to be and this all started way before any "mid life" crap. Yes, perhaps at this juncture in my life, I’m just now opening the door.

BTW – I’m likely in a world of shit for that opening remark. I just love to be in trouble 🙂