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I have not left the house in two days. I’m a total hermit. On the phone constantly. But I’m saving money, no more expensive DC digs. I’m living the country life.

I’m reading the book, “Finding your leading man”, more for curiosity than anything else. The author takes an unexpected turn that catches my interest. He wonders why it is that gay men get away with certain behavior that wouldn’t be tolerated or at least frowned upon in the straight world. He offers examples, his “Sexpot” who lives for sex and can’t seem to settle down. Other gays and sympathetic straights says “Good for him, as long as he playing safe and everyone is happy, what’s the problem?”. The author asks what if a straight man or woman were operating the same way, well, we’d say they were a whore and clearly be more judgmental.

The book goes on with a bunch of other examples of what gays get away with that other gay and gay friendly are sympathetic with, but in a straight world would clearly be subject to discourse. This brings to mind me aghast at my first Pride Parade, with floats full of half naked guys gyrating on public streets during broad daylight. Could you imagine a parade of half naked women or straight guys? No. There would be public outcry for sure.

This reminds me of Civil Rights in the US. I want to be treated sympathetically for being {insert ethnic group} but I also wanted to be treated as an equal. Unfortunately, you can’t get both at the same time. I recognize my situation and upbringing is different. But a guy can’t wander around with a pink boa and hang out at a bath house and expect to be treated normally on terms of their choosing.  I started thinking.

TC Update: Thru Skype video, Tiger Puff is keeping a close eye on me. I’ve promised that we would go on vacation together in February. He’s gonna quit his job and we’re trying to get as far away from the US as possible. He’s already packing. We’re looking at Oz and Single Guy is my travel planner. TC has already provided a stern lecture about Asian snackie toys and other chew toys I will likely encounter.


  1. Chris: SG would love that you visit him in his lair, umm, I mean home, to ensnare, err, I mean entertain you. Then you can see for yourself how the master works his magic to attract guys.

  2. Definately come down under. Good travel deals at the moment! Just come early Feb as I’ll be out of the country later in the month! You will love it…lots of eye candy. Your Tiger will like it too…good shopping! Get the credit card ready!

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