It’s 3 a.m. and I have to pee. This is my life as a guy approaching, nearing, getting close to or just generally avoiding 50. That piece of sh*t brown tiger didn’t call me today, I’m back laying in bed thinking about it. Suddenly my phone rings it’s Tiger Cub.

“Why are you up so late?”, he quickly asks. Why in god’s name are you calling me at 3 a.m. “Did you go out?”. Maybe. “Are you just getting home?” How do you know I’m at home now? We banter back and forth. I can hear the fur on his back rising in jealousy, just like stroking a cat. I may be old, but my hunting skills are still sharp. 🙂

I outline my travel plans, I’m going to DC Saturday night and then we can figure how we get together and as a special BONUS offer, I booked myself back the following week via Chicago with an overnite with Prof. Tim. My travel email to Tim, “LATINOS IN CRISIS“, as I invite myself to spend a Saturday night with him in hot steamy Chicago with smooth & sweaty topless Latino boys, a visit to Circuit is called for. Ah .. I’m all talk aren’t I.

The conversation with TC ending, I tell him I’ve been watching “Queer as Folk” and how I just love the character Brian Kinney. “OMG, Chris you’re such a big f*cking wannabe bottom if you’re hot for him”. Whatever, however this infraction has been duly noted in my logbook for later disciplinary action.