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These shoes were made for walking

Reader Nick asked me to provide an update on my wife. With more than 800 postings here, I’m not sure what I’ve written about and when.

The short short, my wife is fine. She is happily dating a widowed older gentlemen, active, going out on the town and continuing on with her life. Our relationship is qute good, we talk and email often and I’m more than welcome at the house. With my move to the ‘burbs, I fully anticipate being there to see the kids more often and plenty of winter dinners.

She’s a smart girl and doesn’t need a man in her life to be happy and while she enjoys the company of her new boyfriend, he’s not there every day hanging out.

And why shouldn’t she be fine? She’s in the same house she’s always been in, same friends, same kids, same job, same everything. It’s you my friend that has really changed (isn’t that lyrics from a song?). I don’t write about her often because frankly she’s doing quite well.

Yes, she went nutzy for about 2-3 weeks during the initial period and who wouldn’t. The entire world caved in. But she was alive and healthy, the house wasn’t burnt to the ground, the kids were fine, she was fine. So after some self-examination, she came to the logical conclusion that this was simply a course change and best be on her way. Good for her.

I don’t mean to be callus (I’m of course jaded beyond jewelery levels), but frankly the issue afoot is you and getting on with your own life. In case you haven’t noticed, I’m struggling and I’m not entirely sure why, I have the brown snow tiger, a happy family, things going alright. What’s not to be happy about?

I’m am trying to figure out what pair of shoes to wear. The homos ones ain’t for me. Homos drive me absolutely insane at any gathering, when did we decide to let the roam about freely.  Can’t wear the straight ones no more, wore a hole in the bottom. So my friend, I have membership in a very elite country club, consisting primarily of me. And I’m not happy with that either.

TC will show up shortly, will drive over to the big house, wife will cook dinner, they’ll sit there and chat all night and I’ll lay in the dark on the living room floor and wonder where it all went wrong.


  1. is TC coming home for xmas? sweet! Your wife has been really amazing I think.

  2. Chris: So I don’t get it, what’s there to be dissatisfied with then?

  3. Chris, hang in there, things will look brighter.

    From, a guy who wrote “Long and tortuous” emails in,”an attempt to tell your” my “whole story in a single breath”

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