Dinner last night, the former CEO of a previous company comes over, he lives in Los Angeles with his family. He’s looking to start a new company and loves to banter new ideas around with me.

"We need to create a series of business to serve the aging gay community", he begins. My eyes dart to the floor. My wife crosses her arms. He continues, "It’s OK to be queer now, it’s actually pretty cool and god they’re coming out of the woodwork. Financial, legal, travel, retirement communities are all potentials. These aging queens have plenty of money with no kids to put through college, we need to take advantage of this. It’s an underserved market." I nod in agreement.

My wife leaves the room and he dives in further. He’s talking with Vivid Entertainment (the adult entertainment company) about his new company, Telemotion. They want to make "adult" toys with a USB connector that reacts to embedded signals in the audio portion of adult movies. The toys will vibrate, thrust and squirm in coordination with the action on the screen. He’s proudly telling me they’ll have both male and female toys, but he thinks the male toys will appeal to the gay geek.

To think I don’t even have to leave my house anymore to get in trouble with my wife.